Response and Investigation: Advice in the Compliance Crisis

In case of non-compliance, a company must react quickly. Reputational damage, order cancellations, fines, damages, personal liability and, last but not least, criminal liability are possible. Comfield and Comfield Legal support you in the critical conflict between the duty to investigate and the economic requirement to successfully maintain business operations.

Investigations into potential cases of non-compliance
Internal investigations and audits involve various legal pitfalls (e.g. in labour and data protection law). We support you in the legally compliant and effective conduct of the investigation, including representation before the investigating authorities. We meet best practice without unnecessarily expanding the scope of the investigation and keep the interests of all relevant stakeholders in mind.

Support in official searches (dawn raids) and seizures
The first few hours of a government search are prone to error. We support you in avoiding the risks associated with searches. We can also assist your company vis-à-vis authorities and courts in case of confiscations.

Interviews and document review (e-discovery)
Interview and document review (also by means of digital tools) are at the core of an internal investigation. This is where particular risks lie, as violations of labour and data protection laws can easily occur. We show you possible solutions and keep the investigation lean without complicating the processes.

Strategic crisis consulting and public relations work
Press releases are not legal documents per se. Nevertheless, public corporate statements can have great legal relevance. We support companies in avoiding legal risks in their public relations work.

Debarment and self-cleansing
Already today, authorities frequently debar companies from new contracts and can thereby expose them to an existential risk. The new German competition register significantly increases this risk. We support companies quickly and effectively in the procurement law self-cleansing measures to achieve a quick removal from the list.

Disciplinary HR measures
We can also advise you on questions of labour law sanctions and board liability in a compliance crisis. Particular care should be taken, for example, in observing the two-week notice period under German law for dismissals.

Damage claims and asset recovery
We support you in the recovery of assets and the assertion and defence of damage claims (including antitrust damage claims). Compliance cases often involve civil law follow-up questions, on which we provide comprehensive advice.

Our interdisciplinary approach creates deeper insights
We accompany you not only in the legal implications of an investigation, but also in the evaluation of commercial processes and accounting questions, which often provide valuable insights to solve cases.