Operational Compliance: Compliance consulting in day-to-day business

Comfield is your interdisciplinary compliance contact for your day-to-day business. We advise companies quickly and pragmatically on all compliance issues in their day-to-day business. At the same time, we implement the necessary compliance measures with you or for you.

Compliance outsourcing
We do not only advice as external consultants but also take over operational responsibility for the design and implementation of individual and company-specific compliance programs, in short: outsource your compliance structures to us!
We ensure the required transparency, planning and flexibility to react quickly, appropriately and competently to unforeseen events. Compliance outsourcing can significantly reduce investment costs compared to setting up your own organization. Regardless of whether the first elements of a compliance management system have already been implemented or whether the company is in the early stages of development, we support each phase with our modular outsourcing approach.

Provision of external compliance officers
As an external compliance officer, we support management and employees in implementing the compliance program and advise on operational compliance issues in day-to-day business.
The external Compliance Officer provides a reliable interface to all important areas of the company and is available at all times for compliance-relevant inquiries. This can include the application of compliance guidelines, such as the admissibility of invitations to or of the participation in an event, as well as the assessment of potential compliance risks relating to a management measure.

Further development of compliance policies and guidelines
The regulatory environment is constantly changing, as are the stakeholder requirements for effective compliance work. At the same time, the organization, its managers and employees continuously gain new insights in their company’s compliance issues. This requires a regular review of the existing compliance rules and regulations – not only with regard to content, but also with regard to applicability and acceptance in day-to-day business. We support you in further developing the compliance rules and regulations and thereby implement your compliance work in a relevant and effective manner.

Compliance training, workshops and seminars
We conduct compliance in-house training worldwide. These can be introductory seminars, but also in-depth workshops on individual risk areas (e.g. corruption, antitrust law, money laundering, conflicts of interest, etc.) or training courses for selected areas (e.g. handling of alerts, monitoring, etc.). The practical relevance of the content conveyed as well as the dialogue with the participants are particularly important in this context in order to increase the acceptance of compliance.

Ad-hoc consulting on business risk decisions (Business Judgement Rule)
Corporate decisions can involve critical compliance risks. We support you in making legally unassailable decisions on the basis of the Business Judgement Rule with due consideration of existing risks. This minimizes board liability risks.

Internal (compliance) audits
The regular review of the implementation and effectiveness of compliance measures is an integral part of compliance management systems. Compliance monitoring is also required by management as part of its general monitoring duties. We conduct internal compliance audits for companies worldwide and advise on the use of the results for the further development and improvement of compliance measures.

Supplier Audits
The commitment of suppliers to their own compliance standards is part of a modern compliance system and increasingly demanded by customers and other stakeholders. Regular supplier audits are therefore key. We advise companies on the implementation of such audits and conduct them worldwide.